Foam Roller Sleeve For Hydroflask

Published by Austin Gray
November 14, 2020

This idea came from watching a YouTube video of Tim Ferriss explaining his evening routine.In 2020, I've started stretching and foam rolling again as part of my exercise routine. If you don't know what foam rolling is, watch this quick video.Essentially, it's a way to release tension your muscles which helps to relieve soreness while improving overall flexibility. ‍


In Tim's video, he explains how he doubles this Hydroflask water bottle as a foam roller... Ouch! Have you ever held a Hydroflask water bottle? It's straight up stainless steel. I've never seen anyone foam rolling on a stainless steel cylinder. For obvious reasons.


Produce a water bottle similar to the shape and size of a Hydroflask with an EVA foam sleeve surrounding the outside of the bottle.This would make for a much more comfortable foam rolling experience and would also double as an insulator for the water bottle. Wait.... just did a quick search on Amazon and someone's already doing this.


To be critical, their design kinda sucks for the water bottle. Have you ever seen anyone carrying one of these? No. People carry around Hydroflasks.At least they do in Colorado.So, quick way to differentiate - Manufacture a foam roller style sleeve to slide around the outside of a Hydroflask. Now we're getting somewhere. This saves you time, money, and the headache of trying to compete with the 500 lb. gorilla. Hydroflask already owns the water bottle market so why would you try to compete with them? Instead, you can complement Hydroflask's existing customer base with an add on  :)

Action Steps:

1. Do a quick search for manufacturers of foam rollers on Alibaba

2. Research product specs for Hydroflask

3. Reach out to Alibaba manufacturer

4. Get quote for a custom sized foam roller sleeve to fit the Hydroflask specs

5. Build Shopify site6. Facebook Ad Campaign targeting people who like the page "Hydroflask" (I can help with Shopify & FB ad campaign if needed)

There you have it. Quick idea for a side hustle that you could have up and going in less than a week.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback on Twitter.

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