Hey, I'm Austin 👋

Currently launching a New Year's Startup Sprint for mission driven founders at Green Spaces. Also building The Perk Coffee Company with my business partner, Jayson.

I built this Webflow site to host my thoughts on entrepreneurship, life/work balance, sustainability, productivity, health, & personal growth.

Some of my work has been featured on:

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As a bonus, I’ll also include my exact weekly deep work routine that allows me to get more done during the week so I can feel accomplished at the end of the week & enjoy my life outside of work on my off days.

Just tell me where I should send it👇

Sweet! I'll send you an email shortly with the link to my Notion templates 😎

In the meantime, read through this article comparing Notion and Roam as it helps explain the basics for using the framework that I'm about to email you.
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