Hey, I'm Austin 🤝

I'm a coworking entrepreneur & operate multiple locations in Colorado with my business partner, Jayson.

Coworking is the new standard for office real estate.

It's also a booming business opportunity for entrepreneurs & real estate investors of this generation.

Here's why...

We're currently experiencing the largest transition in the way we work since the Industrial Revolution.

It's been estimated that 255 million jobs will be remote by 2030.

Most people love the perks and flexibility of working from home...

After all, who wants a boss to be looking over your shoulder all day?

But as humans, we're designed to be in community with other humans.

We're tribal by nature.

We want a place to call home. To feel welcome. To make friends. To be cared for.

We're not designed to sit at our kitchen table and talk to people on Zoom every day.

Human interaction is the only thing keeping us from turning into the digital cyborgs we all fear.

Enter the office model of our generation: coworking spaces.

We've seen a huge boom of professionals with remote jobs choosing to live in cool places across the world.

Remote work allows professionals to live close to their hobbies without being bound to living in the city where their company is located.

But there's one thing these remote professionals crave when moving to a new place...

A community hub to make friends with like minded people.

The current shift to remote work presents a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs to open community "remote work hubs" as profitable businesses across the world.

Over the last 3 years, my business partner and I have started a coworking space by retrofitting a 1970's indoor mall, designed and built a coworking space in a "new build" mixed use development, & acquired an old warehouse converted coworking space in downtown Denver.

I'm currently writing my first book, "Coworking Secrets: The Fast Track To Launching A Profitable Coworking Space In Your Local Community."

My goal is to distill everything we've learned from operating coworking spaces into a blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs to build profitable coworking spaces and community hubs across the world.

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This will include topics like:

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-Designing Your Space Layout For Maximum Profitability
-The Single Marketing Strategy For Getting Membership Sign Ups
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