Hey, I'm Austin 👋

I quit my job at HPE in 2017 to buy coffee and coworking businesses with my business partner, Jayson.

Currently building EntrepreneurHQ, a remote coworking community for entrepreneurs where I host Productive Cycles every Tuesday & Thursday from 7am - 12pm MST.

Also teaching Zero To Blog, a 4 week crash course to help people with zero experience set up a blog & newsletter in 2021 on Webflow.

This site is where I write my thoughts on topics like entrepreneurship, productivity, marketing, health, real estate, and personal growth in general. You can read my most viewed article on fasting here.

Some of my work has been featured on:

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Golden Nugget

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I LOVE the learning section! Such great nuggets!
Allie Reitz
Founder, Good Elephant
As a fellow young entrepreneur, it is refreshing to read your takeaways and insights about what you're thinking as you build your businesses.
Zach Hawkins
Founder & CEO, Hawk Capital
I like your newsletter because I feel like I'm learning alongside you. You're curious and humble, and that's great. A lot of newsletters get cocky-sounding fast, so definitely keep up the tone. I actually implemented your Roam routine last summer!
Gina Gotthilf
Co-founder & COO Latitud