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Hey, I'm Austin 👋

I've spent the last 2.5 years as a coffee and coworking entrepreneur operating multiple brick and mortar locations. My business partner, Jayson, and I were left with two options during the pandemic:

1. Give up
2. Get creative and make it work.

We made the decision to get creative and make it work. In doing so, we invested in a zero emission coffee roaster and doubled down on wholesale accounts & building a Shopify site to sell to customers all over the world. Jayson's leading the charge for the wholesale side of the business and I'm running experiments to scale the e-commerce leg.

As for our coworking spaces, we've got some work to do. While our mountain location is thriving in Winter Park due to the increased amount of location independent jobs, only a portion of our Denver location members are choosing to come into the space during the pandemic.

We believe coworking spaces will thrive in the long term with the massive shift to remote work. Loneliness will set in for some people WFH, and these people will crave a physical community. But in the meantime, we're getting creative to generate new revenue streams for the short term revenue loss.

Projects I'm Building To Make Up For Lost Revenue

One project I'm creating is a paid online community for entrepreneurs to help each other thrive. EntrepreneurHQ is a curated online community for entrepreneurs to make new connections, learn from each other, share strategies, and grow together. Essentially, I'm working to replicate the connections that naturally happen inside physical coworking spaces — only in an online setting.

Secondly, I'm building Productively with a goal to help others work more productively in a world full of distractions. For now, I'm selling my personal productivity Notion templates and running Productive Cycles (group coworking sessions on Tuesday & Thursdays for EntrepreneurHQ members) as a way to help people work more productively, but I'm also building an app as we speak.

And finally, I'm taking slots for Zero To Blog, a 4 week crash course for people who want to set up a blog & newsletter in 2021 (even if you have zero experience.) The first roundtable call will starting Feb. 1st, 2021. Email me if you want to get in. Only accepting 4 more spots in this cohort.

Some of my work has been featured on:

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