Opportunities Are Everywhere

We're living in the middle of the largest shifts in how we work as a society since the Industrial Revolution. I see massive opportunity in capitalizing on this shift to remote work. 

I personally believe that brick and mortar coworking spaces will thrive in a post pandemic world. 

But what I'm especially interested in during the short term is figuring out how to effectively connect innovative entrepreneurs to each other in an online setting. Similar to how people naturally connect inside a coworking space. 

When people buy a membership at our coworking space, they're not buying a desk. They're buying the network.

So, I've been pondering how to replicate the concept of “community” & “network” to a digital version specifically for entrepreneurs & personal growth enthusiasts. 

As Mark Adreesen says, "Software is eating the world." 

There's never been an easier time to build a 100% remote, software based, online business. The power of no-code tools like Zapier have unlocked the potential for non-coders like myself to build an online software based business. And software doesn't specifically mean SaaS (software as a service)…

There's multiple opportunities in the online space such as: 

    - Paid online communities

    - E-commerce (big opportunity especially for existing brick & mortar retailers)

    - Courses, consulting, and coaching

    - Paid newsletters 

    - Paid e-books & content

If you’d like to learn more about current trending business opportunities, check out my friend Keevin’s (free for now) newsletter brainstorms.io

I'm personally most passionate about helping people work more productively & creating community for growth minded entrepreneurs. I launched my first digital product (The Daily Win Template) on Gumroad this morning and already received my first sale! I'm planning to package tools like this under the Productively brand and continue launching new products as the year goes on.

Here’s to getting out of my comfort zone & building in public.

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