What I'm Working On Now

This about (/now) page is inspired by Derek Sivers, and is the most up to date list of what I’m working on, thinking about and doing right now.


-Married to Bayleigh since 2017
-Dog dad to a 10 year old Boykin Spaniel, Jade
-Split time living in Denver & Winter Park, CO
-First kid on the way (due in Sept.) ☺️


As of Jan. 2022, my business partner and I sold our Denver coworking operation and are exploring another acquisition of a service based business in Colorado.

The bucket list project I've wanted to do for several years is finally breaking ground this year on a custom mountain home in Winter Park, CO.

Still continuing to grow my real estate portfolio with a small multifamily design/build in Texas along with a commercial retail space acquisition.

As for the coffee business, we're doubling down on growing our wholesale offering at
The Perk Coffee Co.

Brief History:
In 2017
, my business partner and I started a small coworking space in Winter Park, Colorado.

We both needed an office to work from as I was working remotely for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and he owned a local coffee shop.

After starting the space as a side project, we realized that we had product market fit (on a small level) and decided to double down on it.

In 2018, we acquired an established coworking brand in the Denver RiNO Art District.

Our vision was to create a unique coworking membership that enabled remote workers & entrepreneurs the ability travel back and forth between Denver & the mountains without sacrificing a dedicated place to work.

In 2019, I bought into his coffee business and we simultaneously developed a commercial mixed use property in Winter Park to house the retail coffee shop & new coworking space in the same building.

Since then, we've purchased a zero emission roaster to roast coffee beans in house, created a wholesale program to serve our coffee at other local businesses, built an online coffee subscription model, and optimized the operations of our coworking brands by automating workflows & processes.

Things I like to do for fun...

-Mountain biking
-Alpine touring
-Fly fishing
-Ski / snowboard

Skills I've enjoyed learning...

-Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition
-Conversion Rate Optimization
-Real Estate Development
-Specialty Coffee
-No Code