We Only Have Two Options

The pandemic has put plenty of entrepreneurs out of business. And I feel for them. I know what it feels like to lose 60% of revenue almost overnight. 

I went through a two week depressive mode after COVID hit. I didn't really know what to do. My business partner and I are a little less than 3 years in the entrepreneurial journey, so the pandemic was our first big challenge. 

At the end of my two week COVID loafing period, my business partner & I came to terms with the fact that we only have 2 options right now:

    - 1. We could simply give up. 

    - 2. We could choose to get creative and "make it work" 

We've chosen the latter. And we haven't looked back since…

We made the decision to invest in a zero emission roaster at the coffee shop & it's paying off. We're scooping up wholesale accounts, selling coffee bean subscriptions on Shopify, & building out custom client appreciation programs for local real estate agents. 

At the end of the day, we made the decision to get creative and make it work with our coffee business. Now it's time to get creative and create other streams of revenue. I’ve got some exciting projects to announce tomorrow.

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