Talk To Customers

I've heard it a million times... "talk to your customers and they'll tell you how to improve your product." 

If you follow / read / listen to startup & entrepreneurship resources, you’ve likely heard it too. 

I just got off a Zoom with the first paying customer for a new product I launched on Sunday, The Daily Win Notion Template

Getting to know other people is something I naturally enjoy, so this call didn’t feel like work to me. It was set up initially as a strategy session to talk about his goals for the year.

I wasn't going into this call with the expectation to learn about the product. The free strategy session is something I’ve included for the first 10 purchasers of the Daily Win Template. I was fully expecting to talk only about his goals for the year — and that's what we did for the most part. 

But he also shared a golden nugget & told me how to improve my product. 

He told me he's getting value out of using the Daily Win Template, but wants a way to track & store his templates over time.

I've heard it time and time again... "Ask your customers questions. Work hard to understand their biggest pains". 

But talking to customers is something I've rarely done in the past for any of my businesses.

The call I had today proved to me that talking to customers can be a mutually beneficial use of time. I’m realizing I need to develop a habit of talking to customers of any of my businesses if I truly want to serve them best and understand what pains they have. 

And this is why entrepreneurship is fun. I feel like I learn something new everyday. At the same time, I subconsciously feel that my goals & to-do's never stop expanding – haha. 

Only now, after speaking with my first customer, am I thinking about setting a goal to talk to anyone who buys the Daily Win Template to further understand the needs and pains of customers.

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