Three Similar Traits Among Most Entrepreneurs

Since quitting my job at HPE in 2017 and jumping into the entrepreneurial journey, I've realized 3 things about entrepreneurship:

1. Entrepreneurship is lonely because most family/friends don't understand the way our brains work. They don't understand why our brains never stop spinning on how to make the next strategic move. But I've found people who do understand me — and those people are other entrepreneurs I've met through both of my coworking spaces.

2. Entrepreneurs love to learn new things. It's what motivates us. We have the ability to learn quickly. Therefore, consuming content is pleasurable because it sparks creativity.

3. Entrepreneurs are personal growth junkies. Entrepreneurship is simply a game of personal growth. We thrive off of setting goals and chasing after them. We're also motivated by others around us. If we see others chasing their goals, we're more likely to double down on ours.

A dedicated entrepreneurial community would solve all three of these. The community would lend itself to fostering meaningful connections & new friendships. A content vault of masterclasses taught by other successful entrepreneurs would scratch the learning itch. And finally, group goal sharing & virtual coworking sessions would provide social accountability to achieving goals.

I mentioned a new project, EntrepreneurHQ, in my blog post yesterday. The three reasons listed above are why I'm passionate to create this community. I'm offering yearly access to the first 10 members for $199. Fill out the form here if you'd like to apply.

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