Blog Transcription Software

Published by Austin Gray
November 14, 2020

The current idea I'm pondering this week came from working on the new blog projects I've started.

I drive a lot back and forth between my full time ski condo in Winter Park and Denver during the week to check in on each of our different coworking space locations.

In doing so, I have roughly 1.5 hrs each way to think. This dedicated driving/thinking time always gets my wheels spinning on new ideas.

In this thinking time, I always brainstorm new topics I should write about in my blog.

As I was driving down this week, listening to a Brad Feld's book on building Startup Communities on my AirPods, I started to think about what's going to change over the next couple of years with the increasing popularity of AirPods being connected to humans.

If I had to guess, AirPods seem to be the obvious hardware inception point for neural linking technology.

The thought came to my mind, "What if there was a software application on my phone that allowed me to "brain dump" my thoughts, stories, or opinions via voice and Siri automatically transcribed my words into text through my AirPods?"

This would save me hours and hours of time in my writing.

I could say, "Hey Siri, create a new blog post."

She would say, "Ok, begin brain dumping."

I'd start talking. She'd transcribe into text.

This would auto sync to a web app so I could view for editing purposes. (Maybe a potential Notion integration too?)

So there you have it. New idea.

Someone will do it, maybe they already have. Not sure, haven't researched much yet.

Shoot me a reply if you know of anything like this or if you'd like to chat further on how to bring something like this to market.

You should do it, 'cause I could use this like, yesterday.

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