Online Ordering For Restaurants

Published by Austin Gray
November 14, 2020

I spent yesterday morning putting together a no code online ordering system for our coffee shop, The Perk. I believe this could be helpful for other restaurants during this unique time as this system is easily duplicated and requires zero code. This system allows us to field an order online and deliver products to the customer curbside.  


Under the current circumstances, restaurants are not allowed to stay open for seating customers. We had to remove all of our interior seating within the coffee shop, but we're still allowed to sell "to go" orders. Most people are not super keen on walking into the store due to the social distancing measures (as they should be.) And I'm sure this is exactly the same at the other restaurants.


Our solution during this time is to field orders online and via phone to offer curbside take out. Our customers can currently call us to place an order and we'll deliver their coffee or food to them at the street in front of our shop. This gives them peace of mind by eliminating the need to get out of their car and walk inside the shop.

As we're living in the digital age, we also wanted to take it a step further and provide a way for customers to order online. I put together this no code tool in under 20 mins using 3 different products:

1. Squarespace
2. Zapier
3. Google Sheets

As I built out the second form this morning, I captured a quick video tutorial in case anyone wants to copy this process and help other restaurant owners. There's ways we can refine this process as we move forward, but this is the MVP version to get started.

Could you use this? 

If you own a restaurant and think this could be helpful, please feel free to copy this system and let me know if you have any questions. If you're sitting at home bored, this could be a great way to start helping some of your local restaurants. 'm sure the restaurant owners would greatly appreciate your help as they've got their hands full in the kitchen working hard to make it through this challenging time.

If you'd like me to send over the tutorial, you can email me or reach out to me on Twitter.  If you're a restaurant owner and you think this could be beneficial, I'm happy to help implement something like this in your business.

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