Week 7 Reflection

How did I fare on my weekly goals?

Lift Weights - Missed

Only lifted 2x this week.

Deep Work - Achieved

Doubled down this week & it felt good! Got a ton of things done for EntrepreneurHQ and ended the week with 11 members! 

Mountain Climbing - Achieved

Was able to get 3 hikes up the mountain in this week! 

Write And Publish Daily - Achieved

I'm so freaking mad about this one as it was the first time I've missed this for the sprint goal. And it was only because I simply didn't publish my writing into a blog post. Haha

It wasn't that I didn't write every day. It was just that I forgot to copy and paste my Thursday writing into a blog post on Webflow 🤦‍♂️

No Alcohol - Achieved

I'm starting to believe that good things happen when I don't consume alcohol. Better sleep, better energy, better performance in the gym, better hikes, and better brain power.

What went well this week?

We hit our launch goal of 10 members with EntrepreneurHQ and ended the week with 11! I'm super excited about this and I'm brainstorming ways to keep the momentum going.

Hit all of my goals except for weight lifting. I'll be changing this metric moving forward to 2x per week. This feels like plenty for me at this stage of life on top of the outdoor cardio I'm doing.

What could I do better on next week?

I can do a better job of working to build relationships with our initial EntrepreneurHQ members. I get so caught up in growth sometimes and I don't want to lose sight of the fact that I'm building this community to build relationships with other entrepreneurs. And I need to stay focused on intentionally making time to get to know our members.

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