Week 6 Reflection

How did I fare on my weekly goals?

Lift Weights - Missed

As of Sunday morning, I've only lifted 1x this week. I would like to get in 1 more this evening to get 2 in. But it's Valentine's Day & I'm prioritizing my wife today. If a 1 hr opening presents itself later this evening, I will go to the gym. But this is unlikely as I have the day planned to do outdoor activities and a picnic with my wife.

Deep Work - Achieved

This week was the EntrepreneurHQ mountain retreat week, and we absolutely cranked. I got so much done last week — especially on the EHQ website to open up the membership.

Mountain Climbing - Achieved

Most of the week's outdoor activities were spent skiing with two of the other entrepreneurs part of the retreat this week. I was planning to sprinkle in some ski hikes throughout the week, but one of the entrepreneurs didn't have an uphill skinning set up so I chose to focus on downhill during the week to spend quality time with them.

While I did procrastinate this for most of the week, I was able to knock out two hikes on the skins at the resort on Friday and Saturday.

Write And Publish Daily - Missed

I'm so freaking mad about this one as it was the first time I've missed this for the sprint goal. And it was only because I simply didn't publish my writing into a blog post. Haha

It wasn't that I didn't write every day. It was just that I forgot to copy and paste my Thursday writing into a blog post on Webflow 🤦‍♂️

No Alcohol - Achieved

This one is going well. I haven't given in one day since the beginning of the year. Alcohol is the ultimate energy killer for me. It's actually been quite easy to not drink. I thought the social settings were going to be hard, but we stayed up with friends last night until midnight and I wasn't even tempted.

My tea game has gone through the roof though! If anyone has any great caffeinated tea options, send them my way.

What went well this week?

To start, I hosted the first ever EntrepreneurHQ mountain retreat. I kept it to a small group of 5 entrepreneurs. We stayed at a mountain house outside of Winter Park, CO & worked in the mornings, skied in the afternoons, and took turns cooking family style dinners for each other.

This further proved my passion for creating community for entrepreneurs. When you get entrepreneurs under one roof, ideas are generated, problems are solved, and thoughts are challenged. Was so much fun to be around people who actually understand how the entrepreneurial mind works.

Secondly, I was able to get MemberStack integrated into the EHQ website to allow people to begin sighing up for the community. And I got an email last night with a verbal commit for the first paying user! But verbal means nothing until payment is accepted. Fingers crossed! 

Third, I was able to crush my ski hiking goal for the week. I can't explain it, but outdoor exercise is the key to my brain working properly. Maybe I should start writing about outdoor exercise. (adding this one to the idea list.)

Fourth, I'm starting #ship30for30, where I'll be joining other online writers in publishing an Atomic Essay for the next 30 days. Hoping to put a better structure to my writing and meet some new writing friends.

And finally, I created the brand for a mission driven coffee company that I'm excited to launch. One of my friends connected me to a social coffee entrepreneur in Germany who's doing a 1 for 1 model. The 1 for 1 mission driven model is something I've always been interested in since investing in The Perk. My partner and I have decided to launch a new brand to build a sustainable focused, mission driven coffee company from the ground up rather than shift the identify of The Perk from a small community driven coffee shop to something it's not. If anyone who is reading this would like to give feedback on the brand I've created, please DM me on Twitter as I'd love to get some eyes on the branding before we create the coffee bags.

What could I do better on next week? 

I can continue to get uncomfortable by getting my offer in front of people who I know might be interested in the EntrepreneurHQ. I published a blog post yesterday on Building & Selling as entrepreneurs. And selling is something I need to challenge myself in. So I'll continue to put the offer in front of people who I think might benefit from joining the EHQ community.

I'll start my week on Monday morning with a weight lifting session. I should ideally get another weight workout in on Thursday of next week.

I have a coworking consulting contract on the line and I didn't do a great job of listening to her pains. I feel like she's giving me a second chance by requesting the proposal in a visual format. So I'll double down on Tuesday morning to create visual for her. If I could go back and do it again, I would tell myself to listen intently on the discovery call. She clearly told me how she'd like the proposal, and I didn't listen well enough.

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