Week 3 Reflection (2021)

I'm reflecting on week 3 right now and this week hasn't been as ideal as in weeks past from a goal / habit standpoint. My body is tired to be honest.

I'm doing good on no alcohol, publishing daily, and deep work.

But I'm behind on the mountain climbing & resistance training this week. Even though I'm technically ahead because I got 3 hikes in last week, I still want to build the habit of climbing 2x per week.

It's Sunday afternoon at 4pm and I'm realizing that I still need to go get another mountain climb and resistance workout in. I took most of the day to catch up with some friends and we ended up hanging for most of the afternoon.

So I'm realizing that I need to kick it into high gear and go and get a hike in. And I'm going to knock some pushups out to keep the resistance training going.

After I knock this out, I'll have hit my numbers for the week.

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