The Voice In My Head

As I came out of sleep this morning, I listened to an all familiar voice.

The voice that questions. The voice that tells me I can't stick to any of the decisions I make.

I get so excited when I come up with a new idea. And I get even more excited when it comes time to build the idea.

But when it comes time to market & sell the idea, the questioning voice begins to chirp at me.

Why are you doing it this way? What if you did that, instead?

Why would you spend your time doing this? When you could be doing that, instead?

Why don't you focus on this idea instead of that?

This is a constant internal battle and something that has been present since the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey – and even long beforehand.

My ability to make a decision & stick with the decision is an area I need to grow.

This voice is the voice that tells me I can't do something. Or rather, the voice that convinces me it would be much easier to do "x" rather than "y."

This is the voice that convinces me to bounce from idea to idea without making a commitment long enough to seeing one through.

The first step to overcoming is acknowledging.

One reason I'm writing & publishing every day is to hack my psychology by sharing my ideas in public in hopes that this will keep me committed to what I say I'm going to do.

Another reason is to get more comfortable marketing & selling the ideas I have.

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