The Best (Unconventional)  Use Of $100 To Market Your Startup

I posed this question in yesterday's Founder Friday interview with Chris Hull, co-founder of Proof &

His response:

Buy a $5 gift card for 20 of your best customers in exchange for feedback on your product or idea.

The best way to spend $100 is to deeply understand your customers so you can ultimately find more people like them.

3 Easy Steps To Conduct A Customer Interview

1. Get To Know Your Customers

Take genuine interest in getting to know them. An easy way to do this is start with, "So, what's your story?"

2. Ask, "What do you like about using xyz product?"

3. Ask, "What could we do better with xyz product?"

Bonus: Use to easily extract video testimonials from Zoom calls.

These video snippets will be your best form of testimonials for your landing page AND will give you exact customer feedback to present to your product team.

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