Quitting My Job

I hated my job. My hair was falling out. And the stress was eating me aline. When I saw the ad mentioned in yesterday's post, not only did I sign up  — I invested every last dollar in my bank account to join the program.

This program taught how to build a life of financial freedom by building software to solve problems.

The Business Model Of The New Rich

  1. Talk to business owners in a specific niche
  2. Ask questions to deeply understand problems or inefficiencies
  3. Ask, "If you could wave a magic wand to solve this problem, what would the ideal solution look like?"
  4. Mock up a design of the solution
  5. Pre-sell the software solution (ask for payment up front in return for a long term "Champion User" no brainer price)
  6. Invest the cash into development of the software solution
  7. Refine the product with the Champion Users
  8. Sell the product to other business owners in the same niche on a SaaS model (software as a service)

Diving In Head First

After joining the program, I did what any entrepreneurial spirit would do and quit my real estate job to dive in head first.

Opportunities were everywhere! I was so confident and excited about building a software business to generate monthly recurring revenue.

Until one night, I met a girl And I developed feelings for her... fast.

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