Opening Up EntrepreneurHQ

After writing about the concept of simplifying yesterday, I spent the remainder of the day integrating Member Stack into EntrepreneurHQ so that we can open up for membership. We're going to charge a $1 trial period for the first month and then the remote membership will be $29 per month every month after.

What benefits do you get when you join the EntrepreneurHQ community?

1. First and foremost, you'll make connections to other entrepreneurs who are are building startups.

You'll be able to meet entrepreneurs in our member slack channel. There's nothing like making friends who actually understand how your brain works. If you're like me, it's next to impossible to talk strategy with any of my family or close friends. I've made some of my closest entrepreneurial friends from EntreprneeurHQ. In fact, a small group of the EHQ members just got back from a week long work/play retreat in the mountains of Colorado.  

2. You'll get access to mentorship. You'll be able to connect 1v1 with other entrepreneurs who have already had success.

For example, you'll have the opportunity to learn from people like my cofounder Jonah Saya, who has already built and sold two businesses. One e-commerce store & one SaaS application. He's an absolute whiz when it comes to building tech.

Or my friend and fellow EHQ member Allie, who's applying a yogi's mindset to building her startup. Want to talk about different perspective than the "go, go, go" mindset? She's challenged me stay aware of what my body is telling me as I build my business. "If you're aware of the natural feelings present in your body, you'll always know the answers to your questions." This has given me a deeper understanding of how to make effective decisions as I build my businesses.

3. You'll get access to Productive Cycles on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. What are Productive Cycles you might ask? Let me explain...

I own and operate 2 brick and mortar businesses at this point and I'm working to build a third online while also teaching an online course, writing daily on my blog, and publishing my weekly newsletter. It's a lot. And I had to come up with a better way to get more done in less time.

After reading the book, Deep Work, I realized I needed to carve out time on my calendar to focus. Turn my phone on do not disturb, turn my laptop notifications off, write down what I want to accomplish, and time block my work.

I developed a theory that if I spend two mornings per week of 100% dedicated focus on tasks that will move my business forward, then I'll make consistent progress over time.

My friend Jorden and I started this during COVID. We'd jump on a Zoom call together, set a timer, turn our phones on "do not disturb" and start cranking.

Each hour, I get uber specific on what I want to accomplish during the hour and then set a timer for 52 minutes and at the 52 minute mark, I stop and take a break.

After doing this for a month or so together, I decided to open it up to other members of our Denver coworking space. And people started to join. In January, I plugged these sessions into our Startup Sprint cohort and we've been running them ever since.

And now, I'm opening them up to the public. If you join the EntrepreneurHQ community, you'll get unlimited access to Productive Cycles on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

We start at 7am and end at 12pm MST. We start each cycle at the top of each hour & we take an eight minute break at the 52 minute mark.

This allows you to simply join in on any Productive Cycle you'd like to join at the top of each hour.

Want to crank for 5 hours? Join us at 7am MST and stay for the whole time.

Want to join for an hour or two? Perfect, you can hop on the Zoom link a few minutes before the top of the hour & crush some focused work.

Fair warning: Be prepared to get 2-3x more done than you normally would in an hour time slot.

So, why should you jump on Zoom link rather than doing this on your own?

There's something powerful about seeing your fellow entrepreneur peers working at the same time. It's just like training for sports. When your teammates are in the gym working hard, it's much easier to show up and train alongside them rather than going to the gym on your own.

Productive Cycles are designed to help you focus in on your work, eliminate the distractions, and tap into the power of social accountability.

The best way for you to experience the power of focus & social accountability is to give it a try for yourself. It's $1 to try for the first month. If you decide it's not for you, feel free to cancel at anytime and we'll never charge you again.

But, why not invest $1 in yourself and come test what it's like to experience peak productivity. See you on the link :)

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