The Ideal Monday

While skinning up the mountain last night, one of my friends asked me, "So, what do Mondays look like for you?"

Mondays are my planning day. If I could only accomplish one thing on Mondays, I would choose to have a solid weekly planning session so I'm clear on what needs to be done throughout the remainder of the week.

Secondary to planning, the next most important item on Monday is to get a resistance training workout in at the gym.

And tertiary, cross another skin up the mountain off the list.

If I could put the perfect Monday together for my current reality,  here's what it would look like:

5:30am - wake up / morning routine

6am - make coffee / meditation

6:30am - writing

7am - plan the week

8am - most important work project

9am - startup sprint planning session w/ cohort 1

10am - burn through email

11am - weight training workout

12pm - break

1pm - weekly 1v1 w/ my business partner

2pm - wrap up

3 pm - skin up the mountain

5 pm - get bag ready for the week

6 pm - commute to Denver for the week

And this is why I write in the mornings. Because writing helps me clarify all of the thoughts bouncing around in my head.

Writing = Clear Thinking

Clear Thinking = Defined Path

Defined Path = Small Steps

Small Steps = Progress

Progress = Habits

Habits = Growth

If I don't have a defined path forward, I tend to get distracted. And this is why I'll continue to write in the mornings.

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