Marketing Framework For Testing New Customer Channels

After seeing some early traction from locals using our new Winter Park coworking space, my business partner and I decided to target a different customer channel using the following framework.

1. Define Where The New Target Customer Is Already Spending Time

We'd seen remote tech professionals from the Denver / Boulder area frequenting our coworking space and coffee shop in Winter Park as a place to work while playing in the mountains.
Our hypothesis was as follows:

"If we can get a shared membership offer in front of people working in Denver coworking spaces, then remote professionals who ski on the weekends will eventually use our mountain location."

2. Create A Win / Win Partnership Opportunity For The List Owner

We crafted a new shared membership. For any member who purchased this membership, we'd give a heavily weighted portion to the owners of the Denver coworking space in return for sending this offer to their large email list.

3. Clearly Define The Value Proposition For The Customer

Members of the Denver coworking space who opted for this membershiop would get unlimited days in Winter Park. This would allow avid skiers, snowboarders, and mountain bikers to take advantage of mid-week mountain days when crowds are smaller while also providing a focused place to get work done.

4. Leverage An Existing Marketing List

Rather than building a marketing list ourselves, we crafted an offer that made sense for a Denver coworking space owner to launch to their list.

Our email list was <30 people at this point. We needed to get our offer in front of more people to get exposure. The owners of one Denver coworking space nestled in the heart of the RiNo Arts district specifically resonated with this offer. They'd always wanted to build a mountain location.

We launched to their list and saw some early success. We'd struck a chord.

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing one question the Denver coworking space owner asked my business partner and I that sent our entrepreneurial journey on a wild trajectory.

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