Losing 60% of Revenue Overnight

While refining my writing habit this month, I'll also be building something new in public. Bur first, let me share why...

i quit my job at HPE in 2017 to buy brick & mortar coffee and coworking businesses with my business partner, Jayson.

Everything was great until the pandemic hit...

We lost 60% of revenue overnight. I went through a two week depression of not knowing what to do.

After my partner snapped me out of it, we decided there are only two options for moving forward.

  1. We can give up
  2. We can get creative and make it work

Getting creative during this time involves a pivot to selling products outside of brick and mortar locations.

For coffee, we purchased a zero emission roaster to roast coffee in house. This investment increase our margins and opened up new sales channels in wholesale accounts and online subscriptions.

For coworking, we're replicating the benefits one gets when joining a brick & mortar coworkign space — in an online setting.

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