Insecurity Sets In

What guy wants to tell a girl they don't have a job? After several dates, I scrambled to find a paying job as soon as I could. After all, I didn't want to miss out on this opportunity.

My Plan To Eliminate Insecurity

I convinced myself I could **take a stable remote job at HPE**** **AND continue building my online business on the side.
The paycheck removed most of my insecurity and allowed me the resources to pay for a few meals. But slowly and surely, I stopped allocating time to building my online business.

The Monotony Of Corporate

Day after day, I repeated the same monotonous tasks. Pestering people from Apple, Yelp, and Facebook to renew their support contracts.

The monotony began to take a toll. Every day became more and more painful to wake up and open my computer. Stress and depression began to set in again.

Something just wasn't right. I'd experienced a small taste of the thrill of entrepreneurship, and all I could think about was building a business of my own.

I felt alone. I felt like nobody understood me. And I felt like an outcast.

Why couldn't I just be happy with my well paying corporate job? One afternoon, I came across a group of people who shared the same struggles and were willing to help.

I finally found my tribe.

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