First EntrepreneurHQ Inteview

Today is the first EntrepreneurHQ podcast interviews. I'll be interviewing Connor Gross, the founder of Cardly, a 7 figure stick on phone wallet e-commerce company. Connor and his partner, Gio, built this company while in college & they recently exited.

I'm spending my writing time brainstorming some of the questions I'd like to dive into with him.

Since we don't know each other previously, I'd like to start from the ground up & learn about the story behind building the business. This "story portion" will  be an integral piece to the EntrepreneurHQ podcast.

I'm thinking that the EntrepreneurHQ podcast will be focused primarily on the entrepreneurial journey and this portion of the content will be available to the public via podcast mediums.

The second portion will be geared more towards a "masterclass." I'd like to identify a skill or superpower the entrepreneur possesses and have the entrepreneur teach the skill on video so other members of the EntrepreneurHQ community can learn useful tactics from successful entrepreneurs. This portion will be paid access for the EntrepreneurHQ community members.

This will be tee'd up with a question along the lines of, "What skill do you posses as an entrepreneur that you'd be confident applying to any business?"

As in, what's your superpower?

And here's some questions I'm sending over beforehand to help the entrepreneurs identify what their superpower is.

If you don't know what your superpower is, then maybe some of the following questions can help you define what you're best at:

  • What area of your work do you get most excited about?
  • What skill have you already invested your personal money in to learn? i.e. what online courses, books, or experts have you paid for?
  • What skill are you confident in yourself to teach other entrepreneurs about?

This is all in the beginning stages and these are just my initial thoughts. Would love to hear any feedback if you have some. Or, if you have other questions I should add, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or shoot me an email.

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