Finding My Calling

I clicked an ad in 2016 that opened my eyes to a whole new world — "Build your own business, create your own freedom."

I Was Searching For Something More..

I knew my current real estate job was not my path. I had simply placed myself in a situation for the opportunity to make money. But deep down, I'd always dreamed to follow in my dad's footsteps as an entrepreneur.

A New (To Me) Business Model

As the week dragged on, I frequented the landing page during cold calling hours. People were writing reviews about quitting their jobs, building solutions to problems, and selling software on a monthly recurring revenue model.
One guy even quit his job at Tesla after joining the program!
If a Tesla engineer deemed this a valuable use of his time, surely a guy like me could gain some value.

The Problem

All I could think about was joining the program. There was only one problem... **The course entry fee was a whopping $6,995. More money than I had in my bank account.

The Moment Of Change

As I was getting a haircut at the end of the week, my barber asked, "Do you know why your hair is falling out?"

"What?!" I immediately shouted. "You're kidding, right?"

Multiple bald spots appeared in the reflection as she slowly raised the mirror. I was losing hair at the age of 25.

"Is there something stressing you out?," she asked.

And in that moment, I knew I had to make a change.

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