Exact Email Strategy I Used To Get A Response From A Dream Mentor

I used this exact email strategy to get a response from with the #1 mentor I wrote down on my dream mentor list.

Subject Line: Strange Question?

Hi ___,
My name is Austin Gray. I finished reading your book recently and resonated with the chapter where you recommend how to effectively build a network.
You immediately came to mind as #1 on my dream mentor list.
Is there any specific project or task I can help you with?
I waited for two days. No response.

I followed up with:

Subject Line: What Can I Help With?

Hi ___,
This is Austin following up from my last email. Wanted to make sure you saw it as I'm offering up my time to help you with anything you have on your plate right now.
What project or task can I help you with this week? Seriously, send me over anything and I'll knock it out for you.

Two more days. No response.

At this point, I could either give up or double down.

I chose to double down. Next email:

Subject Line: Plan On Seeing This In Your Inbox Every Day Until You Let Me Help :)

Hi __,
I'm going to send you this email first thing every morning until I get a response.
What project or task can I help you with this week? Send me over anything and you'll get my 110% effort.
I sent this for five days straight without a response.

On the sixth day, I woke up to an email containing a video from him.

Tomorrow, I'll share what the video contained.

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