Creating The Perfect Writing Hour

My #ship30for30 goal is to refine my daily system to write, edit, publish, and promote my content in 60 minutes or less. I've been writing and publishing on my blog consistently since the beginning of 2020, but I need to optimize this system. Last year, I focused on learning SEO. This year, I've been writing a daily blog as an effective medium to strategize for my businesses.

There are two steps to begin the process:

1. Choose A Writing Hour

Early mornings are when I'm most productive. In high school, I trained early before going to school. In college, we had weights & conditioning before classes.

I've applied the same early morning habit to my entrepreneurial ventures and I'm definining my Writing Hour as 7am - 8am MST.

2. Define Writing Hour Constraints

My research from hosting Productive Cycles shows the brain can focus intently on creative work for up to 52 minutes before needing a short break.

I'm hypothesizing that if I apply principles from Productive cycles to my Writing Hour, then I will be able to write, edit, publish, and promote my content in 60 minutes or less.

Writing Hour Format V.1

Write: 7am - 7:44am

Edit: 7:44am - 7: 52am

Publish: 7:52am - 8am

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