Commit To People, Not Things

The reason I publish online is so that I can hack the psychology behind my motivation.

One of my greatest fears is upsetting other people — or letting people down, for that matter.

I've realized that I actually hold myself accountable to things when other people are involved.

One of my mentors challenged me very early on in business to commit to the people in my life rather than committing to "the thing."

There was a time period in my life when I would bounce around from idea to idea. It's hard for my personality to remain committed to "the thing" or the idea. In my case, these were business ideas.

But when I decided to go into partnership with my business partner, Jayson, I shook his hand, looked him in the eye, and we made a commitment to each other.

If I wasn't committed to him as a person in our business relationship, the reality is that I likely would have already given up and moved on to something new during a challenging time period like 2020.

But now I've made a commitment to not only my wife, Bayleigh, but also Jayson & his family, too — and this is what has kept me going during the COVID challenge.

Jayson and I made a commitment in Sept. of 2018 when we bought our first business together and nothing has changed. Even after the challenges COVID brought in 2020, we're committed to figuring these businesses out.

I've mentioned it before, and I'll mention it a hundred more times — we have two options right now as entrepreneurs.

  • 1. We can give up
  • 2. Or, we can get creative and make it work

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