Cheating Myslef

Last night I came to the realization that I was cheating myself.

In all transparency, I copied and pasted content I wrote two days ago into an article for yesterday's blog post. It hit me like a ton of bricks — the only person I'm cheating with this lousy strategy is myself.

Why? Because up until yesterday evening I hadn't practiced writing for the day. While technically I met my "publishing" goal, I didn't meet the real goal of practicing a writing habit.

If I'm purely looking for traffic to my website, it would be one thing. Copying & pasting content written in a journal from the day before is a great way to publish content consistently. But I'm writing & publishing daily so I can build a writing habit.

Copying and pasting from an article written the day before is cheating this system. Last night when I had this realization, I opened up my laptop and began to write down what I was thinking.

I counted yesterday as a win for my daily writing and publishing goal only because I made the conscious effort to open up the laptop and practice writing. Not because I copied, pasted, and published content from a previous writing.

If I truly want to get better at a certain skill, then I have to put in the hours of practice.  It's like saying I want to get better at football but I'm going to skip today's workout because I put in a good workout the day before. This kind of mentality never cut it in sports. And I don't believe it will cut it in knowledge work either.

I'm calling myself out on my own BS and will only check the writing win column from now on if I practice writing for the given day.

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