Building The HQ In Public

From now on, I'll be building The HQ in public. I'm going to be posting daily about how I'm thinking about building The HQ community — both online & in person.

What's the motivation to build this company?

Over the last three years of being in the brick & mortar coworking business,  I've realized I'm passionate about building community centerted around the following areas of life:
Entrepreneurship & Startups
Life / Work Balance
Outdoor Recreation

The Two Part Big Vision

  1. Build a remote community of entrepreneurs — I believe the push to remote work has created a need for community & connections more than ever. Especially for entrepreneurs who are trying to build companies from a kitchen table.
  2. Build physical coworking hubs — I already own multiple coworking spaces and the plan is to double down on a brand centered around startups, personal growth, & an active outdoor lifestyle.
    The vision is to connect the remote startup community with physical coworking hubs in ski & surf destinations throughout the world.

Where are we currently?

We soft launched the remote membership on Sunday, Feb 21 & currently at 15 paying remote community members.

Tomorrow, I'll share some community building strategies I'm currently testing.

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