A Principle For Business Partnerships

"Commit to the people, not the projects." This is the first principle my mentor challenged me with.

Flash back to the story — I was working remotely for HPE while side hustling to start a business.
All I wanted to do was build my own business so I could get out of the rat race! I was running ads for some clients, building websites for others, and tinkering with no-code Bubble apps.

Shiny Object Syndrome

My problem was that I bounced around from idea to idea without committing any of them.

I'd recently moved to the mountains of Colorado and found myself working multiple days per week from a local Winter Park coffee shop, The Perk.

Meeting My Business Partner

Over many early morning cups of coffee, I got to know the owner as he was also a young entrepreneur in his mid 20's. One day he asked,

"Do you think a coworking space could work in Winter Park?"**

"Yes, and if you build one, I'll be your first customer." I replied.

Within a week, he had a lease signed on an office across the road with furniture moved in. I helped him with his website & marketing in exchange for a desk.
We quickly found that we enjoyed working together and decided to formally partner up on the project.

Taking my mentor's recent advice, I approached this venture differently...

"Rather than commiting to the project, I made a personal commitment to my new business partner."

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