8 Week Personal Growth Sprint Summary

Today is the last day of my 8 week personal growth sprint. I posted these on my open goals at the beginning of the year. Here's how they ended up.

How did I fare on my 8 week New Year's sprint goals?

Lift Weights

Beginning goal: 3x per week

How I tracked this goal: Simply tracking # of gym visits

Status: Missed


I knew this one would be a stretch in the beginning. I pushed to 3x at the beginning of the year when I know that 2x is the most sustainable. But I wanted to push myself.
I started great out of the gate but came to the conclusion that 3x was too much of a time commitment on top of building my companies and training on the mountain.

What will I change moving forward?

I will definitely move this back to 2x per week of upper body training. I'm already training my lower body with my outdoor cardio goals. Getting to the gym 2x per week for upper body resistance workouts is 100% sustainable. I proved 3x is too much with everything else I'm trying to accomplish right now. 2x is sustainable for me. And I believe that if I train upper body 2x per week, I'll stay in good physical health while maintaining lean muscle.

Deep Work

Beginning goal: 2x per week

How I tracked this goal: Tracking # of days where I work on "Do Not Disturb" mode for minimum of 3 hours straight. Looking for two separate 3 hour sessions to total 6 hours of deep work per week.

Status: Achieved


I did really good on this one. I set a goal for 2x per week to put my phone on do not disturb for 3 hours straight on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
I missed one Deep Work session in week 6 on Thursday due to 15" of powder at Winter Park. I took the day off to take advantage of the powder day.
But overall, I made up for this on other days. In fact, I've actually been doing  deep work pretty consistently every morning starting at 7am. The 2x is the minimum threshold for me. But it translated to 7x per week of crushing early morning hours.
My daily writing goal definitely helped this as I've been starting my morning with my writing hour at 7am. This puts me in deep focus mode and translates immediately to working on the most important projects for the business.

What will I change moving forward?

2x per week is totally sustainable. I know that if I stick with this as a minimum weekly threshold, it will lead to good things.
I plan to continue on the daily early morning train as I'm most productive in the early morning hours with a cup of coffee. But I'm not going to set any metrics for myself as I don't want to overwhelm.

Mountain Climbing

Beginning goal: Climb 32,000 vertical ft. over 8 weeks on my ski touring set up

How I tracked this goal: Tracking # of days where I accomplished a 2,000 ft climb.

Status: Achieved (Will be by end of day)


As I'm writing this on Sunday morning of the last day, I have 4,000 ft. left. I will be making two separate 2,000 ft. climbs this afternoon at the resort to achieve the goal of 32,000 ft.
This one has been a super fun challenge. I love learning new sports and this has been a great way to stay in decent cardio shape over the last 8 weeks.
I've snowboarded for the last 17 years of my life, and wanted to learn how to ski this year.
Rather than go to the resort and ride the lift up, I thought hiking uphill with skins on skis would be a great way to force myself to learn how to ski.
My theory was that if I hiked up on skis, I would force myself into learning how to ski on the way down. After all, there's only two options: Ski or walk.
This proved to be a fantastic approach to learning how to ski while pairing with some outdoor cardio.
I will have 16 uphill laps under my belt after the end of today. This has allowed me to learn how to ski slowly but surely over the course of an 8 week period.
I started feeling comfortable on the downhill around lap 8, and this has translated to taking the skis out on the lifts for downhill sessions.
I would highly recommend this approach to myself if I were to go back and do it over again.
Ski touring uphill is a fantastic cardio workout, and it also allowed me the space and time I needed to learn how to ski.
I can see this being a long term sport for many more years to come.

Why did I go with skis instead of a split board?
Mostly because my friend Allen found a pair of skis on Craigslist with touring bindings for $50. I had to buy brand new skins for $150, so all in I was at $200. Most split boards & bindings were minimum $500.

What will I change moving forward?

2x per week is a sustainable approach to ski touring uphill. This is a goal I'd like to stick with for the remainder of the ski season. I'll transition this goal to 2x of some form of outdoor cardio as the seasons change.

Daily Writing & Publishing

Beginning goal: Write and publish content daily to my blog or Twitter

How I tracked this goal: Had to publish my writings to my blog or Twitter to get a check mark.

Status: Missed (But soooo close!)


This habit has been amazing. Writing in the morning has helped me get the thousands of thoughts out of my head and onto paper (actually, a screen.) I wrote every single day but got distracted on a Wednesday night during Week 6 and forgot to publish to the blog.

I've learned so much about myself throughout this process. I'm able to think more clearly. I'm able to effectively strategize. I'm also able to distill my learnings into content for others to (hopefully) get some benefit from.

What will I change moving forward?

I joined a daily writing challenge community on Feb. 15th and I'll continue to follow through with my daily writings for this challenge.
This challenge has helped me learn more about how to effectively edit my content to make it easy for people to read online.
But after that I plan to continue writing daily. Once again, this has been so unbelievably helpful for my brain.
Writing simply removes clutter from my brain.

No Alcohol

Beginning goal: No alcohol for the 8 week period

How I tracked this goal: I get a check mark for every day I don't consume alcohol.

Status: Achieved


This goal has been the single driving force for every other goal. I've achieved more personal growth in the last 8 weeks arguably than I achieved all of last year.
And I believe eliminating alcohol from my life for the last 8 weeks has been a huge reason to seeing some success in certain areas.

I've had more energy for work.
I've slept better.
I've had more energy for physical training.
I don't cramp as easily when I train cardio.
Woke up optimistic every morning for the last 8 weeks (outside of 1 Thursday morning.)
Have more energy at evening social gatherings.
Eat less junk food late at night.
Launched a startup.
Hit the first startup milestone by getting 1st paying user.
Hit 2nd startup milestone by getting first 10 paying users.
Currently sitting at 14 paying users.
Launched a podcast.
I landed an interview with a dream podcast guest.
Formed a partnership with a technical co-founder.
Launched first app to App Store.
Learned how to ski.
Achieved ski touring goal of 32,000 ft.
Have been more patient with my wife.
Less arguments.

What will I do moving forward?

I've thought a lot about this one over the last two days. I wasn't tempted at all throughout the whole 8 week period until my wife and I had dinner at one of my favorite breweries on Thursday night.
But come to find out, they had a non-alcoholic IPA, so I enjoyed one of those.
Part of me wants to give myself a 1 or 2x per month ability to enjoy alcohol at special social gatherings.
But there's a big part of me who wants to continue on the no alcohol path because of all the personal growth I've experienced without it.
I picked up herbal tea as a healthy alternative to alcohol. This gives me something fun to drink when other people are ordering alcohol at the dinner table.
I'm still undecided as of right now on my plan moving forward. But I know for a fact I will give myself some sort of healthy limit if I do allow myself to indulge.
Thinking something like 1 or 2x per month allocation in case I want to enjoy a wedding or social gathering.
But once again, the benefits of no alcohol are outstanding so it's tempting to continue with none altogether!

Overall Summary

I've gone hard for the last 8 weeks and I'm going to prioritize recovery this week and next. I'm going to focus on my mediation & yoga practices these next two weeks.

But I already have a great idea for a sustainable schedule moving forward. Planning to do another 4 week growth sprint starting March 15th. Ping me if you want to join me in the next Personal Growth Sprint.

Lift Weights: 2x per week
Outdoor Cardio: 2x per week
Deep Work: 2x per week
Yoga: 2x per week
Meditation: Daily
Writing: Daily
No Alcohol: Daily

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