7 Reasons We Caught A Flight To France After Closing On Our First Business

We caught a flight to southern France the day we closed on our new Denver coworking business in 2018.

The main goal was to learn our new business inside and out from the previous owners.

But I'd be lying if I said we weren't excited about the opportunity to explore a new country.

Benefits Of Negotiating An All Expense Paid Training Trip Into The Acquisition

  1. We received hands on operational training from the previous owners.
  2. We had space and time to ask detailed questions.
  3. We learned how the software stack tied together.
  4. We were able to make decisions during the first week of ownership with guidance from the previous owners.
  5. We were able to build a deeper personal relationship with the previous owners.
  6. We were able to share fun life experiences together over good food and wine.
  7. We were able to explore a new country and meet new people.

On the flight back to the U.S., we told each other we wouldn't change anything for the first 90 days. After all, the process in place was working & the business was thriving.

Tomorrow, I'll share why we decided to go against our 90 day change statement after diving in to the operations of our new coworking business.

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